buying for the shop

this weekend we are celebrating our first WEEKEND TRUNK SHOW--  !

it has been a really interesting challenge-- gathering a collection of things (and enough things to really make an impact at the shop) around a theme.  my usual buying for the shop is actually much more targeted-- i will be looking for something (linen shower curtains and affordable-- but made in the u.s. or fair trade-- modern-lined mugs have been current obsessions) pretty particular.  when i find it, i order it AND a few other items from the new company.  i am thinking about how these things will go together, how they will look in the shop (with all the other things), and about how i am going to display the new things.  but i am rarely buying a LOT of things (enough to spread throughout the shop) around a particular theme.

this last couple of weeks i have been buying new and vintage things with the idea of 'summer decorating' (our TRUNK SHOW theme for this month).  i was looking for lanterns, garden related items, baskets, wicker/rattan, benches-- and the linens to go with all these things-- all things in colors and shapes that made me think of summer.  i had budgeted an amount of money (which i spent exactly) which i thought should be enough to blanket the shop with these summer-y items, and i had planned a new floor plan for the shop that would allow for all these new things.

but actually doing it?  actually going out and finding what i was looking for?  amazing!  an incredibly creative process-- like furnishing a house-- everything has to go together, and everything has to go with what we already have.  i spent time combing through my vendors catalogs, and traipsing around to every flea market/ auction/ antique shop i could get to.  and then bringing load after load back to the shop to be cleaned up and later displayed-- ALL FOR THIS WEEKEND!

i will admit to one thing that really doesn't go with the others, but which i just couldn't resist.  see if you can spot it?

exhausting, yes.  and exhilarating.

come and see.

-mary moore.  

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