workspace at home

finding a place to work at home can be a real struggle.

i often go to people's houses and find that that part of their home life is in particular disarray. sometimes they do not have a designated workspace-- there might be various boxes of papers mixed around various pieces of computer equipment-- in various rooms. sometimes a person will have an office, but still keep their dining room table piled with their 'work'. in one person's home i actually found five different desks-- she had a desk for home bills, a desk for billing for her work, a desk for planning, a desk for creative writing (some of these were in the same room, some in different rooms), and a desk, in her office, for painting (she is an illustrator who works at home).

we all have different ways that we work, and different needs for our work spaces. and yet all three of the above mentioned people felt completely overwhelmed and out-of-synch with their needs.

i advise people to streamline, and to focus on their storage needs. in a larger house where there is room-- sure, separate the creative work from the work work. but in a smaller space, or if you are not aware of needing to have different spaces for different things, get everything in one place and then organize the 'stuff' by task or category. keep your bill paying/household record keeping on one shelf-- so that it is less stressful to find and keep up with. keep your creative writing on another shelf-- so that you can refer to it, be inspired by it, and find it easily when the mood strikes you. keep your work-work on another shelf-- work done for money should have its own place.

once you have your things all in one place, but organized into categories and needs-- you can think about how it all looks. i like to keep my things in beautiful baskets, pretty paper binders and file boxes-- so that i am inspired to pay my bills or to pull out and think about my financial planning. another person would need everything to be streamlined into plain paper binders with black and white labels on the back. whatever works-- but find a system that you like so that you will use it.

and life will get simpler.

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