small moments

the end of the day yesterday was not that easy.

i took my dog to the vet because his ears are infected. again. first, i was really late because i had not anticipated the rush-hour traffic. then, my dog started totally freaking out after a vet tech did something to his ear. it was more worrisome than embarrassing, except that i think it made the vet staff think that my dog's ear was in really bad shape (which it was, but not so much that he has been freaking out like he did in the office). and though the vet didn't suggest anything bad, i overheard a technician saying some pretty nasty things about me and my dog as i was leaving. hmmmm.

between the vet's office and my local pet food store i managed to calm down, to even think that perhaps i had mis-heard the woman altogether. walking into the pet food store i could not get the carts apart, couldn't find the cat food, couldn't get any help-- i was beginning to think that perhaps i was losing it altogether in the pet department.

but, again, i managed to pull it together, and get my shopping done.

as i was putting the pet food in the car a woman noticed my dog and started asking all kinds of questions, telling me how cute he was, etc.etc.etc. and then she walked off in another direction, away from the pet store. but before she went she told me how much she loved my earrings (made from buttons by a local artist-- we sell them, of course).

it was only a small exchange but it completely changed my mood about the whole pet thing.


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