royal wedding on tv

i do not own a television. i watch things, largely, on my computer. i am usually very much anti-television-- i see it as the 'opiate of the masses'-- the reason that, though there are wars going on, people starving and dying, and a few people making an unfathomable amount of money on the backs of the rest of us, we are not all out MARCHING IN THE STREETS-- because we are too hooked in to the latest tv show to really notice.

okay-- harsh, i know.

what i have learned, HOWEVER, over the years of not having a television, is that there are times when tv can be an intensely important tool for connection-- across cultures, continents, and life experiences. when protesters are taking to the streets in cairo, watching video footage of people more or less just like me, sometimes streaming live-- helps me to feel more connected to their struggle. our planet is so populated, so full of diversity of place, experience, and worldview-- it is pretty easy to go through daily life not feeling that connection to people on the other side of the world. it is pretty easy to think of each other as simply 'other' and to totally disconnect from humanity different from ourselves.

so-- i have to admit that though i knew the royal wedding was yesterday, i did not know what time it was happening. yesterday morning i happened to check the headlines after posting my blog and found that the wedding of prince william to kate middleton was streaming 'live' just at that moment. i turned it on, and then was so moved by being involved in something that 2 BILLION other people were doing, i woke my daughters to watch as well. we snuggled, watched, chatted a bit, and i generally felt that we were connected to the rest of the world in this odd but powerful way for an hour or so.

never mind what the monarchy stand for, never mind the history of british imperialism that i spend some part of every day railing against (both in selling fair trade products, largely from british commonwealth countries, and in teaching african american history, which i do from time to time), never mind how much that whole event COST and how many people are starving--

it was incredibly moving for me yesterday to think that my daughters and i were doing something WITH almost a third of the rest of the people on our planet.


Sarah Buttenwieser said...

I loved this article. I think it summed up why England could stomach all that $$ toward such a spectacle. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/a-day-for-the-people-to-share-in-a-young-mans-journey-from-sadness-to-joy-2276828.html

shopgirl said...


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