open door

i had a cat when i was a teenager who would run through any door as soon as it was opened-- only to find himself in a closet or face-to-face with a dog-- or, sometimes, outside in the great, open world (which i think is what he was hoping for every time). he didn't care-- he'd just try again the very next time someone opened a door.

but for the rest of us, opening a new door and walking through can be one of the hardest things we do in a given day/week/lifetime.

there are so many obstacles-- routine, fear, uncertainty-- to our trying something new, opening ourselves to a new person, or creating a new way of life for ourselves. the older we get, the more times we have been burned, rejected, or turned-down in one way or another-- the more that opening new doors can be WAY outside our comfort zone. going out on our own and starting a new business, applying for a new job, making a new friend, opening ourselves to a new person romantically-- and yes, painting our kitchen in a new color, trying tile on the counter instead of granite, or even organizing our bedroom closets can feel too overwhelmingly new for some of us.

the thing i have learned (as a person who goes through open doors often) is that anything that happens is ultimately going to be okay-- it may not look anything like i thought it was going to, but it is going to be okay. along the way i learn things about myself and the world that are incredibly valuable. and, (and this is important) i don't need to run through EVERY open door--at times i can walk cautiously and therefore learn that some of those doors lead to closets before i am all the way in there.

but most of the time? it's spring out there folks. open those doors and feel the warm air, smell the grass and the damp earth-- see the sunshine. there is all kinds of possibility through that open door that you can only ever know about if you walk right through.

i'll just follow that cat.


Carmel said...

Really liked this post, thank you.

shopgirl said...

thanks, carmel!

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