on entrepreneurship

i have recently been accused of being a little on the crazy side. well, sure, i will take that. especially when the person talking was alluding to my business world.

i am an entrepreneur-- what else?

for me, entrepreneurship means that i always have a new idea; that i try things, often, that turn out not to work as well as i had hoped; that i try things, fortunately more often, that work beautifully; that i am willing to spend money, though still carefully, in ways i never would at home; that i am generally in the midst of a creative period of one kind or another; that i am driven-- motivated-- give it a more positive or negative spin as you wish-- to see this thing through; that my personal life is kind of quiet, much of the time, because my business is where all the drama happens; and that having a business is something like having a child-- it takes responsibility, rhythm and routine, daily care and feeding, a lot of patience, AND there are few things i wouldn't do to help it to succeed.

and ultimately, for me, the business is not about making money-- though i am driven to do that, too-- it is about maintaining a lifestyle that fits who i am.

if you are interested in reading more-- this guy puts it very well: http://gapingvoid.com/2010/02/28/random-thoughts-on-being-an-entrepreneur-2/

-mary moore

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