old friends

yesterday afternoon at the shop an old friend arrived. she came, asked if i had time to chat, then went and got us both coffees from the coffee shop-- then we settled in for a long afternoon visit punctuated by customers coming in and out, people asking questions, and a lot of really good cheer created by this wonderful conversation that we were all sharing in.

what did we talk about? divorce. no kidding. right there in the middle of the shop and in the midst of all kinds of customers we hashed out both of our separations and divorces for all to hear (and participate in).

as a shopkeeper it is a constant tension of sorts-- my social world does revolve around the shop, which means that much of my life unfolds there. and yet i am a person with good boundaries and i don't want all my personal business to be up in my customers' faces, so to speak. so divorce? a topic that could have been too intimate to share in the middle of a busy retail day-- a topic that could also have been too painful, or two volatile. and yet my friend and i were not sharing the yukky intimate details (at least not when customers were in the shop), we were sharing the hope and the wisdom of coping with and surviving an incredibly difficult time in life. and we were both punctuating our stories with enormous amounts of gratitude, as well as lots of care and appreciation for our children, for our homes, for our sense of ourselves and our families.

so, more and more people came in, and people participated in our talk, and over and over people made a point of saying how much they love our shop. there was such a feeling of home in our space yesterday, such a feeling of human connection and aesthetic awareness-- and at the center two women working out their stuff with periodic pauses to greet people, to answer questions, and to chat with the larger group.

it was a good day.


Jill Kaufman said...

MM - I had a hunch... (smiles all around) JK

shopgirl said...

and you were right! thanks! mm

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