making a mess to clean things up

when i was a child i would, when told to clean my room (and i am sure that i never cleaned it if not told to do so), pull everything off of every shelf, out of every drawer, out of my closet-- and make an enormous pile on the bed of everything i owned. my clothing, my books, my toys, shoes, keepsakes-- everything ended up on the bed. then i would spend the rest of the day putting everything back, slowly, and in new and different places.

these days, on cleaning day my house is at its worst-- the garbage bag sits open in the kitchen to catch all the small bits from the trash baskets all over the house, the laundry is in piles on the kitchen floor (my laundry machines are in the pantry, off the kitchen), everything comes out of the shower so that it can be cleaned, and the beds are all stripped naked with piles of comforters and pillows on them-- everything is in disarray.

but sometimes that is what it takes-- you have to make a mess to clean things up.

the same, as shown in the 'during construction and after' photos above, is obviously true of construction.

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