the life of a shopkeeper

before i owned a shop, during the years when i thought about owning a shop, i imagined that it would be hard to be so tied down all the time to one place. i imagined that the 'retail grind' would be all about having to open at the same time every day, no matter what.

i have found that i really like the rhythm of our little shop-- i like it that these days, years into doing this, i always know when it is 10am, no matter where i am, because that is when the shop is opening; i like it that my life centers around this living, soulful place; i like it that i can expect friends to stop by with their lunches, or their laptops to steal some quiet time in the back to finish a project; and i like it that at the end of the day i can close up shop and go home with a sense of peace that it was a good day and that now the shop is closed.

and the thing about a shop is that it is ever changing-- there are new people who start coming in and chatting and getting to know us; there are new ideas about how to make things better, funner, more beautiful; there are the days that we have to change everything around because something big sells; and there are the days when it pours rain and we re-organize the paper-work or the stock-room.

each day is different and fun, and there is always some new challenge.

i like it.

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