letting go of control

i have been thinking a lot lately about how things just happen the way they are going to happen, pretty much no matter what i do. i can have intention-- but that is a vague thought, feeling, or sense of direction. intention is not a plan, or a specific map of how things are going to go, nor is intention about a particular outcome-- to live my life with intention is to be conscious of a general feeling of what i want my life to be like. i want life to be filled with abundance, for example-- that's pretty non-specific. abundance of friends, abundance of love, abundance of good books to read, abundance of interesting things to do, abundance of food options-- there are all kinds of different ways that that might play itself out.

the point is that i am aware that i cannot control how things go. sometimes when i am working on something that i want to be different in my life, i think through a certain set of steps that i need to do in order to get from point A to point B. and, of course, sometimes those steps just don't happen the way i think they should. this can be frustrating and at times even angering (depending on what the project is and how personally involved i am). to step back and let go of the control, but to still maintain the intention about what i am working towards, allows me to not be frustrated, and sometimes to have a whole different feeling about the situation.

and-- at times-- my getting out of the way in the control sense allows something truly wonderful to happen that i could not have even imagined on my own.

pretty amazing.

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