dining room: before and after

this is my dining room, before we moved in, and now.

before we moved in there was a pantry built-in to one side of the dining room-- it would have been really great storage, but it made the dining room (only 11 feet square as it is) like a hallway. not so appetizing. plus the floor (which doesn't look that bad in this picture) was puke colored marmoleum-- swirls of pink and gray and gross-ness.

my friend deo took out the pantry and patched the walls before we moved in. then, last summer, i painted the floor (see my posts: dining rooms and painted floors). THEN we tried a number of different tables before finally asking deo to make this one with the benches.

we love this room-- it is our home office, homework space, dining room, and general hang-out place. it is sunny and bright, and simple and easy.

it is good.

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