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i have been writing this blog for almost a year. almost every day.

i could not have imagined, five years ago, that i would ever do such a thing. five years ago i was incredibly shy-- people didn't generally know this because i was compensating all the time by tensing up like crazy every time i talked with, say, another parent at pick-up at school. i would even cause myself to have minor asthma attacks (unintentionally) because i would get so tense in social situations that i would literally hold my breath.

the last five years of owning a shop has clearly changed all that-- i would not say that i am as comfortable in the shop as i am at home-- but i have eased into the very social world quite nicely. i am comfortable with people, at ease in the shop, happy to chat and visit with new people. it has been both a process of desensitization (if you work in a shop all day-- you just get used to random strangers walking in off the street at any time), and a process of learning, over time, how to be social. at first i would stumble over my words when people asked questions about our products, or chatted with me about the shop, the weather, life. over time i happily (though unintentionally) developed my shopgirl persona-- the part of me that allows me to be so public in my work.

and so i think about my life as a shopgirl, and i write my blog, every day.

it is fun.

-mary moore

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