when we first started to do things in the shop i felt like everything that was out front-- everything that the general public can see-- had to be perfect. if something new came in, i immediately worked extra hard to get everything unpacked, priced, and arranged in the shop. when something big sold, i immediately worked extra hard to get the gap filled, even if it meant spending the afternoon re-arranging everything.

now? not so much.

i think i am more relaxed in my shop keeping, more at ease with the fact that everything is just not going to be perfect. and these days i have more clients than i was willing to take on in the early days, and therefore less time to make everything in the shop perfect in any case. the whole operation is a process, and in that process i hope we are doing good things.

the same is true of our online projects-- the shop, the design page, the wedding registry page, etc.-- all of which are currently up and running, but also currently under construction. at some point i suppose i will feel like they are 'finished', but right now i just have to accept the process-- and the fact that we only have so many hours in a given day.

good life lessons.

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