gummy bears and the mailman

i don't usually do this.

this is a cute photo of my children with enormous gummy bears.

not what is usually seen in this blog. BUT-- i can't help it:

my younger daughter left a letter for the mailman last week. it said, "dear mr. mailman, we thank you dearly for delivering the mail to everyone on our street. we always like to check the mail and see if there is anything exciting for us. we are eleven and thirteen. thanks for your hard work, isabel and cecelia."

on saturday the mailman left the note, with a note of his own written on it, wrapped around two small cardboard boxes. his note said, "thank you for such a nice note. your mailman, mark. p.s. brush your teeth."

in the cardboard boxes were these two enormous gummy bears!

i think we are in an episode of "mr. roger's neighborhood".

which is pretty cool.

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