cycles of cleaning

there is water in my basement. which, really, is a good sign that spring is arriving.

as the days have grown warmer i have been fantasizing about cleaning my house-- deep level cleaning with gloves and a bucket and a lot of re-organizing of all the things that have been just shoved someplace during these last few months of busy-ness in my life. my house right now feels stale and a little bit stuck-- it needs a good clearing out, and i need some good solid time getting under things and around things and in things-- all so that we both feel fresh and new and ready for the next round.

spring cleaning is, for me, about the freshening of my home, but it is also about freshening my life-- getting under things and in things and really seeing what is working and what isn't-- clearing out anything that doesn't work, re-connecting with what does work, and making space for a new chapter to begin.

maybe i will talk to kate about taking a day-off this weekend...

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