post-christmas funk

along with many other people, i go through a funk just after christmas. it lasts for two or three weeks and is probably a simple case of being burned out after the enormous amount of effort and labor that is the christmas season at the shop. in the first couple weeks of january the shop is quiet, the days are still very short, we tend to get a lot of snow just at this time of the year-- all things that could make life feel cozy and right, and mid-winter peaceful. yet i feel a certain lack of purpose, or intention, that drags at me and wears me down.

but this week, just these last few days, i have been coming out of my funk and it has been glorious. i have my energy back, my ideas for the shop and my life, and my drive and intention are once again firmly in place. i have been sleeping better, and waking up with excitement about all the things i am going to do today.

i am grateful and happy on this beautiful morning. and ready to go...

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