on waking up anxious

most of the time i wake up ready for the day.

some days-- not so much. some days i wake up already filled with anxiety or dread about what has to get done that day. some days i feel overwhelmed, afraid, tired, uncertain of what i am doing. sometimes i wonder how i am ever going to keep up with everything-- AND make enough money, AND take good care of my children, AND get enough sleep.

those mornings are not my favorites. they shake everything up, make me uncertain about my life, make me wonder what i could do differently.

and yet i am grateful for those uncertain moments. they require me to get up and look at my life-- to re-examine what i am doing. is it working? is it what i really want it to be? how could it be better?

so i make my tea, get out my notebook, and start making lists, writing paragraphs, and doodling pictures-- all in the spirit of re-evaluation and planning.

and in not that long i am feeling better and more able to tackle the day.

time to go make my tea...

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