on partnership

when you have been single for a while, it can get to be a lot easier to just stay that way. relationships are fraught with ups and downs, little hurts and grievances, sometimes with big pain and sorrow. when you are single, you don't have to deal with any of that. you can watch whatever movie you want to watch, eat whatever you want, leave your things around anywhere you want. you don't have to think about whether your partner is mad at you, or if you hurt her feelings. there are parts of yourself that you can just leave, unexamined. and yes, when you are single you remember what it was like to have a person to do things with, a person who was in sync with your thoughts and needs, a person with whom you laughed hysterically over nothing-- and yes that was wonderful-- but imagining trying to find that again is pretty untenable. it can feel a whole lot simpler to just hang out with friends, go to work, and stay single.

but life is not really about that-- life is about the ways in which we bump up against each other. the ways in which we push each other to grow and change, and cause each other to be another part of ourselves than comes out in any other way.

having a business partner is not so different from having a romantic partner-- your lives are as intwined, your personal foibles cause anxiety and annoyance, your financial futures are interwoven and interdependent. you have adventures with each other, and you have moments of laughing hysterically over nothing. AND you are pushed to be better each day because your partner is counting on you in ways that you would never otherwise think about.

as always, i am incredibly grateful to kate for engaging in this endeavor with me!

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