on blogging

people ask me fairly often how i manage to keep up with my blog-- 'i wouldn't know what to write', they say.

well-- each morning i look at some photos-- some new, some old, some intended for the blog, some not-- until i find one that speaks to me. and then i write something. sometimes i know exactly what i want to say when i start writing, sometimes i just stumble along until i find what the post is about. sometimes it takes me twenty minutes, sometimes a couple of hours. there is a lot of editing, a lot of pausing and thinking. i am not too hard on myself-- blogs seem to me to be pretty temporary. tomorrow there will be another chance to write something new and something better. i keep editing once i put a post up on the blog-- somehow i can see it better there and i tend to find more typos or grammatical errors. but then i just let it go--

it is a good way to start my day.

and, by the way, my favorite book on writing is anne lamott's 'bird by bird: some instructions on writing and life'. check it out if you haven't.

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