living through construction

this, i realize, is not the prettiest photo you are going to see today.

but it is the reality of living through kitchen construction.

i give my clients a pep talk before construction begins. here is the gist of it:

be prepared for total chaos. it may not actually be chaos, but it will certainly feel like it at some point during the construction.

plan a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the house-- a microwave, rice cooker, hot plate, and toaster oven (if safely used) can all be life savers. also plan on using your bathtub for washing your dishes-- not ideal, but workable if you have to.

plan into your budget a decent number of take-out meals from a decent restaurant or 'whole foods'-- not having a kitchen can be a really stressful time-- make it easier on yourselves by providing yourselves with good food.

pack everything away to keep it safe from dust, carpenters, and machinery. workers need space to do their jobs well-- it is your job to clear it for them. and really, you cannot imagine the amount of dust that is about to descend on your space. pack things to keep the dust off them.

and then take a deep breath and enjoy the process. a kitchen renovation typically takes a week to a month. larger projects take more time. additions can take many months. be prepared for the time that your lives are going to be disrupted, and keep your eyes on the finished product-- it will help you to get through!

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