a fresh way of seeing things

the dead of winter is a great time for rejuvenation. that is what all those trees are doing out there under all that snow-- they are storing up and getting ready for the massive change that is going to be spring.

ever since i was a little kid i have re-arranged my space on a fairly regular basis. it is good for the soul-- taking everything out and sorting it and putting things away in a new way. it helps to see what i really have, and it helps me to see things in a fresh new way. it also helps me to stay organized because nothing gets forgotten for too long.

in the shop it is the same thing-- kate and i spent much of the last two days re-arranging everything on the floor-- flushing out all the remaining things from the back room, re-fluffing and folding towels and bedding, and looking at everything with fresh eyes so that we really appreciate all the beautiful products we have.

without re-arranging it is easy to get used to how things in our spaces look and feel-- we just glance over them instead of really seeing them. if we come through on a regular basis and shift everything around a bit we can have a fresh appreciation for the beauty in our homes.

this table, for example, is one we sell at the shop-- locally made of solid wood in any size and painted any color you want (i, of course, chose white)-- it has been in the back of the shop for the last couple of months. it is well used and well loved, but rarely commented on. two days ago we moved it to the front of the shop and 'boom'-- everyone who came in yesterday commented on how beautiful it is.

i like that.

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