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this spring at the claw foot tub we are launching our new workshop series, 'living with intention'. this series is going to include a number of different design related workshops:

'design your own kitchen' is meant to accomplish just that-- at the end of this six week class participants will have a portfolio that they can hand directly to contractors to get estimates. this is a hybrid class-- i will be visiting participant's homes just before the class starts, so that i can directly help them to design their new kitchens. we will have discussions, material samples, and handouts on how to design a kitchen-- so that by the end, everyone's portfolio will include floor plans, cabinet and counter choices, flooring, fixtures, lighting, and appliance choices.

'organize' is currently a four week class meant to explore the things in our lives that leave us with clutter and mess in our homes. we will attempt to unpack our emotional/psychological suitcases, so to speak, to create space for a new way of living. also each week we will walk step by step through different organizing techniques for different rooms/tasks in our home-- leaving participants with the tools to tackle their clutter/ chaos problems.

'decorating with intention' is a one day workshop on how to decorate, clean, and clear your space with intention. this is both a decorating class, and a workshop on energy in our homes. we will touch on the ways that different cultures address intention in their homes-- briefly discussing feng shui, balinese design, wabi sabi, vastu-- and others. this is going to be a fun class and it includes lunch!

'color' is a one day workshop meant to uncomplicate the complicated world of color in our homes. we will discuss color theory, color variations, the importance of color, the subjectiveness of color-- all with the intention of helping you to make decisions that make you happier in your life with color. this is going to be a fun class and it will also include lunch!

'design your own bathroom' is just what it sounds like-- make your bathroom more beautiful, functional, and a place you love to be in. this is another opportunity to get a designer room, but at a group rate. this is going to be a three week class that will include discussions of materials, water, fixtures, and layout, and that will leave participants with a portfolio of their plans, ready to be given to a contractor for an estimate.

all the workshops will include a folder for participants with lists of recommended stores, resources, and contractors for various design and construction needs.

we hope you will join us!


marsha lieberman/mgl handmade said...

I think this sounds great.
Will you be able to post this (closer to the start datres) as a FB event?
I can think of two people who would be very interested......

marsha lieberman/mgl handmade said...

Will this be published as an event (later) on FB?

shopgirl said...

absolutely-- i am working on the exact dates now, and then the whole schedule will be posted on facebook.



shopgirl said...

there are now three of the workshops posted on our facebook page as events-- check them out!

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