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i had a really fun thing happen last night:

i checked our e-mail to see if i had heard back from some clients about a meeting today and found instead a question from a customer. she had picked up a canister in the shop yesterday and found, printed on the bottom, 'made in china by target'. she was very disappointed because she thought that we were re-selling things from target!

the fun part is that i was able, without ANY hesitation, to write her back and tell her that EVERY SINGLE THING WE SELL IS ETHICALLY SOURCED. i let her know that this was a mis-understanding. that those canisters are for display only (we often use things we find at tag sales, home, goodwill, etc. for display)-- that what we are selling is the wooden spoons IN the canisters. she sent an e-mail back saying 'thanks'-- and that she was relieved to hear it.

many fair trade shops do sell things that are not fair trade-- many feel that they have to in order to make enough money to support selling fair trade products (which are often a little bit more expensive than the non-fair trade items). we have learned that our customers appreciate what we do, and that we CAN make enough money selling only things that we know were not made by small children in bad working conditions. MAN, does that feel good!

so yes-- we are 100% fair trade. and you can depend on it.

if you are willing, would you please vote for us in our local advocate's 'best of' competition? go to the following link, click on 'let the voting begin' and enter your information. then vote for us under 'material world', 'best fair trade shop'.



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