bathroom design

we have a friend staying with us for a while in our tiny home, which means that i am sharing my daughters' bathroom, when usually i have my own. this has made me do a little exploration of what is happening in our national house world.

well-- fortunately-- it is shrinking.

until the 1980's the average american home had one bathroom. children often shared bedrooms. there was one living room and, perhaps, one television. families shared space.

with the financial boom times of the 1980's the 'bigger is better' notion took strong hold. our houses grew, and grew, and grew. by 2006 houses were being built for families of four that had 10 or 12 bedrooms, and 10 or 14 bathrooms. houses had multiple family rooms, a media room, even multiple play rooms for the kids. all so that we did not have to share. but it made us feel, somehow, safer and more secure in an insecure world.

but in 2008 the tide turned! we faced economic crisis in a very big way for the first time in decades. mortgages became hard to get, second mortgages even harder. people started really looking at the cost of these huge houses-- how much did they cost to heat? how much to maintain? as the foreclosures increased, people buying their first homes chose to buy small-- and manageable. safety switched from having a fortress to having something that we knew we could really afford.

so, houses are getting smaller again. people are buying 900 to 1200 square foot homes and realizing that they really don't need a lot more space. families are sharing space and laughing about getting in each other's way in the bathroom. people are putting what money they have into efficient heating, solar power, and making their homes beautiful in a small footprint.

i am glad.

-mary moore.


Dwight Cathcart said...

MM-- I love your yellow wallpaper! Love the rest of it too. Beautiful site. Dad

shopgirl said...

thanks, dad!

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