winter sunlight

winter sunlight is the most amazing light-- i don't like to call it weak-- it is softer, more subtle, much more full of varying colors. but when the sun goes down it is awfully nice to light some candles and have a fire.

my daughters and i used to get a christmas tree towards the winter solstice, perhaps on the solstice itself, to celebrate the darkest, longest night and enjoy the glow of the lighted tree. these days my work schedule doesn't really allow for as much holiday celebrating at home later in december-- we have moved our celebrations earlier in the month.

so today we are going to get a tree-- and we will pull out all of our old lights and ornaments, tell stories about when we got each one, eat special treats, and listen to special music. then this evening, we will celebrate our tree with good food and good friends.

i love the simplicity and joy of our holiday celebrations.

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