'winter' cleaning

the nights are getting colder here in western massachusetts. we are hunkering down for the winter.

we usually talk about 'spring cleaning'-- clearing out and freshening up just as the weather gets warmer-- but frankly, i do this seasonally, year round. the change of seasons is a great time to go through closets, re-organize, get rid of anything not needed or wanted, re-think the decoration of a room.

in my house in the last couple of weeks this has meant changing the bedrooms-- they had gotten the least attention at the end of the summer, now they are getting some serious work. i am painting the built-ins, giving them a fresh coat, organizing the closets, and re-arranging the furniture to make the rooms cozier for the winter. i have intention-- i want it to be beautiful, to feel fresh and spacious, and to feel like we can find whatever we need in our little house this winter.

as the nights are longer and colder, it is awfully nice to have cozy, comfy rooms to be in.


ariana. said...

How nice to visit this space! I was just thinking about Winter Cleaning too. It feels like such a nice thing to do before the days get so cold and we are bundled up in our homes with our fires blazing and our windows shut tight. I think I will start soon! Have a lovely, busy day at the good old shop! a

shopgirl said...

hey! thanks! and nice to see your lovely face the other day! much love--mm

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