these days before christmas

these last days before christmas are unlike any other time of year at the shop.

'it is like being at an 8 hour cocktail party', said my friend david a couple of years ago when he was helping out at the shop at christmastime.

he was right-- all day long our friends, regular customers, and new customers come in, ready to chat and find the gifts they are looking for. there are few breaks, many rushes, lots of moments of hurrying, running, and happily chatting with people as they shop. no other real projects are attempted, nothing but dusting, sweeping, and re-stocking the shelves. the back room empties out, the front has to be re-arranged to cover the gaps as we sell out of things. and it takes two of us to keep up with the customers, the wrapping, and the packaging of all the gifts.

and all day long people are congratulating us on having such a beautiful shop!

it is exhausting, but really, really fun.

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