spice jars with cork lids

did you know that cork is a really green product? good for people, good for the planet?

cork is the bark of the cork tree, which can be harvested without harming the tree at all. cork farmers in spain and portugal cut strips of bark from the enormous trees, and the trees re-grow their bark over time. no pesticides or chemicals are used in the growth or production of cork. cork can be used for lids of all kinds, the soles of shoes, and it makes a really wonderful eco-friendly floor. it is a completely sustainable product!

AND cork tree groves provide habitat for many creatures who otherwise would not have a home.

right now cork trees are in trouble, however, not because of our harvesting of them, but because the plastics industry has been telling us that we shouldn't use cork in our wine bottles-- that plastic is more sustainable. actually it is our use of cork that makes it so sustainable-- if it were not for our use of cork, cork farmers would have to knock down the groves of these amazing trees in order to put in something more profitable on their land-- which is what will really endanger these trees.

we should all choose cork whenever possible!

and, btw, as always-- these are fair trade spice jars and yes, we sell them.

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