shop keeping

another older photo from the shop...

we have had so many beautiful things in the shop over the years. when i was younger and read magazines stories about shop keepers like me-- usually people selling antiques or vintage modern furniture whose houses were being profiled in a design magazine-- i always thought that their life set-up seemed perfect. to be able to go to work all day and visit with people, arrange beautiful things, buy more beautiful things, and send those beautiful things off to live with other people-- perfect!

and the best part of all-- getting to try those beautiful things out at home (especially the furniture!) and then send it back to the shop if it doesn't work!

i am not acquisitive. i don't want to keep getting more and more stuff for my house. in fact i tend to like to get rid of stuff a lot more than i like to get stuff. but it is so great to be able to find the really right thing for whatever space i am in!

i took home one of these cabinets from my friend charles for a while-- actually for more than a year-- and then decided (after trying it in every room of my house because i really loved it!) that it didn't work. so i brought it back to the shop and within a few days one of my favorite customers bought it. perfect!

it is good to see photos of these old friends.

and happy 40th birthday to my brother!

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