on working with artists

a year or so out of college i worked at a little gift shop called 'woman wild' in chicago. woman wild was an artisan gallery-- we sold the work of women artists and artisans from all over the country-- sculpture, textile art, jewelry, beautiful useful items like etched crystal glasses, little painted boxes-- it was a beautiful shop. it was my job, at times, to contact an artist if we had a special request from a customer-- for wedding rings, for example-- that we hoped the artist would make. i found the women on the other end of the phone to be so pleased that someone loved their work, so helpful to me in selling it-- i really enjoyed our conversations.

today i still feel like that. i love the part of my job that allows me to work with artists and artisans in mutually supportive, creative ways. yesterday i had lunch with marsha and molly lieberman. they are wonderful company, fun people, but more than that-- during our lunch we generated so many ideas for how to continue to grow the business that we are all in-- selling high quality, well designed, beautiful, useful things to people who need them. in the process, i really feel that we are changing the world by showing people a new way (or, as i have said before, a really old fashioned way) to think about our material culture.

please listen to our two part interview on our local npr affiliate-- i think it is quite good.


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