intention vs. control

i woke up this morning to find my house was at 52 degrees. fahrenheit. which is a lot better than the 4 degrees that it is outside, but still not exactly where i would want things. my furnace has a habit of kicking out on the coldest nights-- it is fine, just pressing the 're-set' button solves the problem and gets it running again-- but really, what an annoying habit!

this brings me to talking about my topic for today. intention. again. because i want to make sure that we understand the difference between intention and control.

there are all kinds of things that i have intention about-- there are very few things that i can actually control. people lie, become sick, become angry, leave, and die. business goes up and down with the economic forecast. natural disaster strikes. accidents of every kind happen.

and yet, despite all these things i cannot control, i can have the intention that my life will be good, happy, and feel safe for me to be in, and therefore it will be those things.

intention is a thought, a wish, a belief, a movement or action that carries with it an idea. a subtle notion that by vacuuming i can create a feeling of love in my house--along with the cleanliness-- creates a sense of home. an awareness that i want people to feel comfortable and at home when they come into my shop--while i am arranging the shelves and sweeping the floor-- creates a sense of welcome in the shop.

my intention, in fact, is the one thing i really have control over. so i live each day with the intention that my life is going to be good no matter what life brings. and then i get on with pressing the 're-set' button, in whatever context i have to press it.

and my house gets warm.

thanks for letting me post all of these old photos of the shop-- this will be the last for a while-- but as we are about to celebrate our anniversary i have been especially nostalgic!

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