holiday decorating

i am not one, actually, for holiday decorating. i do some-- we LOVE our tree!-- but not a lot.

i will admit it: it feels like a waste to me to go buy things that are just for a certain few week period-- things that are not useful, just decorative-- and put them up, just to take them down a few weeks later. i know i am odd in this way-- i know that people love to decorate for all kinds of holidays-- but not me.

HOWEVER-- as i go through my seasonal transitions in my house (cleaning, organizing, re-arranging for the way the house is going to be used in the winter, for example-- see my post "winter cleaning"), i certainly do get more festive at times!

this light, the "midsummer pendant light" by designer tord boontje, for example, despite its name, means christmas to me!

and--the color on the walls is "nickel" by pratt and lambert.

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