french candles

this is a photo from a few years ago, taken at the old shop. it made me pause when i was choosing a photo this morning because of those gorgeous french candles!

those candles are much missed right now. over the weekend lots of people were asking for them, and though we have plenty of our local beeswax candles, we have very few of these colorful french candles because we just haven't been able to get them. like many of our vendors, this company seems to be going through hard times. they have reduced their colors from 48 different colors to 16 or so, and even those have been taking months to arrive in our shop.

we are doing just fine (thanks to all of you!), but many little shops and companies need your help--

please shop local, shop small, shop fair trade this holiday season as much as possible. have intention not only in what you want to give, but in where it comes from. have intention in what you are going to support with your money.

even small things like candles make an enormous difference!

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