design mistakes

sometimes i make mistakes.

when i first moved in, this kitchen was shut off from the rest of the main living area by a big, bulky, 8 foot tall built-in that housed the fridge, a broom closet, and counter space/cabinets. this in the middle of a contemporary open plan with big walls of glass! it was dark; the counters, floors, and appliances were pretty awful materials; and it was so tiny!

i wanted total open-ness-- i did not want any upper cabinets nor did i want a fridge in between the kitchen and living/dining rooms.

i originally planned this large island (see top photo) with room underneath for under-counter refrigerator and freezer (and chalk board paint on one side for the kids). it had tumbled marble tile counters just like the rest of the kitchen, and these really cool, industrial/ commercial units underneath.

well, the really cool industrial units were LOUD! the guy at the store warned me-- but i get warned all the time about what is going to work and not work and i am usually willing to try something anyway (in my own house) that i think will be really good for the space. most of the time it works out, but not this time! it was unbelievably loud! and the island itself was bulky and unwieldy. i couldn't stand it.

so out went the units (sold on craig's list). and one night a friend and i made a big mess dismantling that island!

then, some time later, in went this nice free-standing restaurant work table as island. the fridge stands just to the left of the large central chimney with a bamboo screen behind it (see my post, 'single minded decorating' to see the living room view of this).

finally, it works! it is light and airy and open and... beautiful.

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