the world of retail

the retail world is all about juggling the ups and downs-- when we are selling more, we have to order more, keep track of more; when we are selling less we have to juggle the money more-- there is rarely a moment when every invoice is paid and there is money in the bank that is not designated for something, when the orders are all filled and in the shop in a timely manner, when we have everything we need on the shelves or in the back--because everything is coming and going (including the people!) all the time-- retail is simply not for people who have a hard time with constant juggling.

and yet, for me, the mornings in the shop when i help a few customers, when i drink my tea and work on my paperwork, when i have time to go over the bank account and dust the shelves-- those are the most peaceful, happy shop mornings. the juggling just is.... it can only bother me if i let it.


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