white houses

people ask me all the time if my house looks like the shop.


not really.

in my house basically everything is white. i have art on the walls-- paintings done by family and friends, framed posters, rugs, BUT the art i like best for my home has a lot of white space with some splashes of strong color. the floors are painted or wood. my couch (which i have had for 8 years now, through three houses) is ticking stripes: gray and taupe-- BUT the throw pillows and coffee table are white. the kitchen counters are butcher-block, BUT the cabinets, walls, and everything else is white. my dining room table and benches (see my post 'imagining home 2') are... you guessed it... WHITE.

the thing is, i LOVE color. it used to be i had a lot of color in my house-- i had BLUES, GREENS, YELLOWS, and REDS in upholstered furniture, in tiles on the counters and floors, in paints on the walls-- but now-- monotone, WHITE.

my theory is that over the course of the last four years (since starting the shop) i have needed less and less color at home because i have it at work. all day long i get to play with beautiful colorful things-- i am surrounded by color and pattern. so at home i want peaceful, visual quiet.

or MAYBE, as i have suggested before, i am just in my 'white phase'. maybe at some point i am going to start rockin' pink. maybe even fuschia. hmmmm.....

-mary moore.

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