saturdays tend to be my favorite days at the shop-- it is the one day every week that i am generally at the shop all day. it is also the day that we get the most regulars AND visitors from out of town. usually the morning is quiet and i putt around, arranging things (today i get to put out new, colorful, ceramic mugs from eigen arts), straightening and cleaning up from the week. often a friend stops in for tea and we have a nice visit. and then the hours fly by in short conversations with lots of different people stopping in and shopping. at the end of the day i sweep, dust again, and re-fold all of the textiles that have gotten spread all over the shop all day. and every now and then there are cocktails!

this photo is from the old shop-- we fit so much in such a small space. periodically someone asks me why we have less stuff these days-- we don't! having just done inventory i know that we actually have more than we used to, but just in a larger, more flexible space. it is a lot easier to get around.

come by and visit!

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