a room of her own, two

well, it didn't work.

i had felt like i needed a space, separate from home or from the shop, to go to and be secluded so that i could think, create, write. i had rented a studio, carried a bunch of stuff up the stairs, picked out a paint color, hung things on the walls...

BUT i never used it. or, i had a couple of meetings there, went up there a few times and answered some e-mails, but the truth is my life doesn't really allow for uninterrupted hours right now. between the shop, design work, and my children-- i need my office to travel with me all the time so that i can just plop down outside the ballet studio and answer e-mails, or plan out duvet covers that i then make in my dining room while the kids are doing their homework.

SO i have given notice, moved back into my office at the shop (which is also the store room, but which has windows and a nice desk and is quite a lovely place to keep things), and each morning i pack my traveling office into my canvas bag and hit the road. all good!

it is good to try things, and good to acknowledge when they are not useful.

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