personal style

last friday our afternoon tea conversation topic was "personal style". here are my thoughts...

personal style is all about your own aesthetic sense-- it is about what YOU like. it is what makes your heart beat a little bit faster and helps you breath a little bit better in your home. there are no rights or wrongs-- i have mentioned that my mother's style is to surround herself with beautiful things, my friend joannie's style was full of lots of color (purples and greens were the best). my own style generally includes natural materials, painted cabinets/built-ins, and a color palette of whites, blue-greens, and creamy yellows. and it includes those things-- furniture, books, candle-sticks-- that have travelled with me over the last couple of decades of my adulthood.

for some people personal style WOULD dictate the type/style of house they bought-- my friend mary jane really likes victorian architecture, for example. for me the architectural style is less important-- the structures that i am drawn to have a story, have amazing natural light, and have a sense of proportion that i like. i have, at times, even bought houses that had only the story and then set about changing the structure to fit my personal style.

this house was just lonely and neglected and needed some love. definitely part of my style!

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