i have two friends who are in the process of moving right now:

one is in need of a change in his life, so he has put his things in storage, packed his car with things he thinks he will need, and driven off into the sunrise (since he is traveling east) in search of a new life.

the other is further establishing the life he has been building for some time-- so he is sorting through his things, moving them to the new place, and looking for bookshelves so that he can more easily unpack.

moving is such a difficult process. i have moved a lot-- eight times in the last fifteen years (three of those in one year) to be exact. too much, in my book. but what i have learned is that it is important to take it seriously. planning, packing, getting a storage unit if it helps in the process, paying people (if you are able) to move the big stuff-- ANYTHING that helps make the process easier.

because really the hard part is not the actual schlepping of the stuff from one location to another (which, obviously, is difficult)-- it is the psychological reality of dismantling and leaving one home, and the passage of time and space before another home is established. the vulnerability and stress that we go through in this period is enormous-- like a hermit crab without a shell.

very best wishes to my moving friends--

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