intention, two

a couple of months ago i wrote about the necessity of having intention for our homes-- intention of thought, of placement, of color, of design. intention is a big part of what makes our homes feel like home.

i also believe strongly in the necessity of intention in life.

in owning a shop there is the constant need for me to have intention about what i am doing-- to plan each day, each month, and think about what we are doing now and where we are headed. i have intention when i dust the shelves. i have intention when i look at the bank account and think about where to spend money. i have intention when planning future workshops and afternoon teas. i always have a picture in my head of where i want the shop to be next-- what i want it to feel like, look like, and how i want it to perform for the people who come in every day.

and every day, at least in some small way, i feel a sense of peace and happiness because my intention is all about making my life and the lives of those around me peaceful and happy. intention is how i know that my life has purpose and meaning.

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