holiday stress

thanksgiving is over and we are officially into the 'holiday season'. this is one of our busiest times of year at the shop-- though we are not really a gift store, our products make great gifts! i love this time of year-- this weekend there were lots of our regular customers coming in with family and friends-- and being involved in surprises and presents for so many people is just plain fun!

a note, however, on stress. some years i have found myself feeling pretty stressed out by the middle of december. i worry that perhaps we did not buy enough things to sell, that not enough people will come and buy what we did get, and i work more hours and am more tired, which of course makes the worrying worse. and because more people are coming in every day, i get less paperwork done during the day-- more work that piles up and taunts me from the back room!

but-- a couple of days ago i realized i have a different attitude this year-- i love being in the shop, so why not just enjoy all of it? this is the time of year to celebrate all that we do all year! i have done the work, laid the groundwork-- now it is time to ride the wave and have fun!

these canisters are from thailand, and of course they are fair trade. i love them!

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