yesterday was such a lovely day-- in the morning i met with a client to go over the electrical plans for their house (which is gutted-- we are only steps ahead of their builder!)-- it is going to be a beautiful house and it is satisfying to start to see (in my head at this point and in all the sample materials we have collected) it take shape. i was in the shop with kate during the middle of the day, answering customer questions and working on my paint sample binder (all of the paint colors i most love, painted in big swatches and put together in one place!). i went home briefly in the middle of the afternoon to walk my daughter home from school and kiss both daughters as they headed off to their dad's for the weekend. and then back to the shop for afternoon tea-- which was attended by a really wonderful group of women-- some of whom have been coming every week. those teas are energizing for me-- hearing people talk about their homes, telling their stories-- they bring such a sense of community to our little shop.

i am so grateful for my life!

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