early morning

i am a morning person. i wake up early even if i have been late to bed. in the summer it is the rising of the sun that wakes me-- the world is just far too exciting to miss out on once the sun rises.

this time of year i am up well before the sun comes up. i putt around the house, straightening, cleaning, getting us all ready for the day. i make tea. i write this blog. i answer e-mails, pay bills, and catch up on paperwork. i make breakfast and lunches for my daughters. i walk our dog. it is good, quiet time to organize my thoughts and my life. without it i feel frazzled, hurried, and a little bit lost.

and it is awfully nice to come home at the end of the day, when i am tired from being out in the world all day, and find the dishes done, the beds made, the house relatively sorted. all in time for me to make dinner, visit with my children, and fall into bed-- so that i will be ready for another day.

this is a kitchen cabinet of mine from about 2002.

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