central street farmhouse

kate and i drove to maine this weekend to celebrate the opening of the latest endeavor by our friends zeth and betsy-- a shop! 'central street farmhouse' in bangor maine. they are selling, to quote their facebook page-- "homebrewing and cheesemaking supplies, cloth diapers and eco-baby goods, local produce and cheeses-- all under one roof"! their opening party was saturday night-- it was so beautiful, so fun, so many good people! we were very happy to be there to welcome them into the retail world!

of course zeth is not new to shopkeeping-- his mother, joannie (see my post "on being a shopgirl"), had a shop for most of the time he was growing up.

'central street farmhouse' is a wonderful new shop and zeth and betsy (and baby zoe!) are wonderful people.

now shopgirls are tired.

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