brick floors

my grandfather made brick. he was a civil engineer and interested in clay and the mixtures necessary to do what we want with clay. he worked on airport runways in the 1940's, clay for potters in the 1950's (see my post "the boston globe" to read about the mccartys-- potters he worked with), and then, brick, brick, brick.

my grandparents' home had brick floors in the kitchen, dining, and family rooms. my parents' home had brick in the family room. brick makes a wonderful floor-- it is a durable, natural product, AND it really doesn't show dirt. put brick over radiant heat and you have an amazing, amazing floor.

when i put this floor into this house, i wanted it to be relatively rough-- i chose a brick that looked very hand made (it was pretty uneven). the mason who put it in cursed me, my house, and everything else he could think of as he was doing it-- it was rough and uneven AND i wanted it laid in a herringbone pattern! i am so demanding! thankfully, we ended the job as happy friends.

i love this floor!


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