where do we find the things we sell?

people ask me all the time-- where do we find things for the shop? all over! we search the internet, we go to trade shows, we go on buying trips for vintage items and furniture, we look into customer recommendations-- everywhere.

the thing is that i remember things-- i am a very visual person and i remember things that i see along the way, and then i find them. we have these great small wood trays that i saw in "house beautiful" a few years ago-- then later i found that they are made by a vermont wood worker-- and i bought them immediately.

the hand painted blue tiles that accent this bathroom's shower-- i had seen some years before. i had noticed them when i was doing another bathroom, though they would not have been right for that bathroom. by the time i was doing this bathroom they were not in the showroom any longer-- but i asked, and here they are.

it helps to remember things.

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