imagining home workshop

we are half way into our second session of our fall workshop series, "imagining home". because elizabeth and i did the workshop ourselves in the summer to iron out all of the kinks, this is actually the third time i have participated in this workshop. the first time i worked on my dining room, the second time i worked on my living room, but by the time we got to the third time-- i felt pretty good about my house and so i moved outside to work on my yard.

my yard is a wreck. we have done some clearing, planted a few things in front of the house, but otherwise-- total disaster. i rarely even mow my lawn. until i started this workshop, i had just not been able to solve the problems (lack of privacy, lack of transition space between the inside and the outside, and the back of the house itself is just a blank wall-- like looking at the back of a cabinet). the first day of the workshop i drew a bunch of pictures of my yard and the back of my house with oil pastels-- big chunky pictures that really emphasized the problems (and i can't draw to save my life, so you can imagine how bad these look). i told everyone what the problems are, and then committed to really focusing on my yard during the week.

during this same week i have been doing the feng shui study-- see below-- and thinking about my bedroom (which is on the back of the house). after re-arranging my bedroom i remembered that when i had first moved in to this house i had wanted to put a whole wall of windows on the back of my bedroom. my friend tim even suggested a long window seat under bumped out windows.

all of the sudden the ideas really start to come together! with the thoughts about those windows-- both my bedroom-- which is rather dark-- becomes open to the yard in a really beautiful way, and the back of the house becomes cute and cottage-y with that window bump-out! and then, on saturday morning i came back to the workshop, did some more drawing, collage, and writing-- and i have a plan! a cottage garden just outside the back door-- a patio, trees and shrubs for privacy on the sides without blocking the view to our meadow-- it all just came together so beautifully!

now i have to start saving up for those windows!

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