feng shui my bedroom

so, i am doing this feng shui study. i am not a feng shui practitioner-- but i do believe very strongly in energy and the way that it affects us in our homes. many, many world cultures have some form of decorating advice that is based on belief in energy and its flow. the basic ideas of most of these are the same which suggests to me that we are on to something, though it may not be exactly the way that any one culture thinks of it.

in any case, a client wants me to be more formal in my use of feng shui than i typically would (it does come into my conversations fairly often anyway), so i am studying. i decided to use my own bedroom as a guinea pig-- which was a bit of a bummer because i really liked it the way it was-- but i can always put it back later.

feng shui tells us exactly where some of our furnishings should go (and this is a gross oversimplification for the sake of the blog, please understand)-- beds, for example, are very important to familial happiness and health. the head of your bed should be facing northwest for familial wellbeing (which mine was), but the foot of the bed should not be facing the door (as mine was) or the family will suffer ill health. a conundrum for me-- but i have shifted my bed so that the head is facing west, in the northwest corner of the room, and the foot of the bed is now not facing the door. i'll let you know if we are healthier and happier in the future!

i was already following a number of feng shui beliefs without really paying attention to them-- i don't have a mirror in my bedroom (according to feng shui mirrors can be in the bedroom but they should never face the bed or it will cause trouble between romantic partners), i don't have any plants in my bedroom (too yang-- the bedroom should be calming), and i don't have any beams in the ceiling of this bedroom (beams running over the bed can cause romantic troubles, headaches, all kinds of bad things).

i do have this chinese character on my wall-- "love".

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