coping with clutter, two

"clutter" is anything in your home that feels like it is bothering you because it is out, doesn't have a place, doesn't feel organized or right. some people need a lot of visual stimulus and like having a lot of things out-- that's not clutter. my mother, for example, likes to have lots of things around her-- most surfaces in her home are fairly well covered with beautiful things. they are carefully placed, however, and have a strong relationship to one another-- again, that's not clutter. other people need everything to be put away, but like it when their husband leaves his reading glasses and newspaper on the coffee table because it is a cute reminder of him-- that's not clutter either.

my daughter, however, had a bit of a melt down last night because her clothes are all over her room and she hasn't had time to put them away for the last week or so. THAT is clutter! -- because it is a weight on her, something that bothers her. for my daughter, part of the problem is having had a very busy schedule these last couple of weeks-- she is tired, and her days have been really full. she has not had the time she usually takes to put her laundry away (which really only takes five minutes, but can FEEL like it will take much longer). the other problem that my daughter is having is that her closet is just too small. and i am not talking about a walk-in closet that can only fit two people-- i am talking about a closet that is only about 18" deep and two feet wide. she has shelves on one side with metal baskets to hold her clothes, and hanging space on the other side. she does not have many clothes-- but getting into the baskets is a pain. SO-- in order to cope with her clutter problem we talked last night about two things-- the need for her to have more time to rest so that she can deal with things, AND the need to make some space for her clothes in a way that is going to feel easier to her to put them away.

coping with clutter is about time and organization-- taking the time to deal with things, AND figuring out what system is going to work for you to keep track of the things that otherwise will bother you.

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